Scott Thornton

Mr. Scott Thornton is an experienced writer, producer and editor. His work has taken him to various international locations covering a variety of subjects.

In 2009, he produced and edited a short film Militancy and Violence in West Africa, an examination of the causes of violence among younger generations of West African youth. He also was a producer and assistant editor on Global Car, an hour longdocumentary examining the effect of globalization on industry through the lens of the automotive industry.


In 2010, Scott wrote, edited and produced a film on the Center for Nuclear Non-Proliferation.  His work on this project took him to numerous locations, most notably filming interviews with high ranking diplomats inside the United Nations.

He also was involved with the Al Jazeera documentary film festival, traveling to Doha, Qatar as representative of Combat Films.  He also began production on a documentary on Korean unification, shooting at the DMZ with US forces.


In 2011,  Combat Films produced multiple projects in which Scott played a key role in producing.  He returned to Korea, this time shooting with former North Korean defectors, as well as ROK marines stationed on the North Korean border.  In the summer, he produced and edited Shah-i-Khot: Velley Redoubt, a CENTCOM sponsored project on Operation Anaconda.   In December of 2011, Scott was embedded journalist with the 4/6 Infantry at Al Asad airbase in Iraq.  He filmed there for two weeks as the 4/6 handed over Al Asad to the Iraqi government and made their final exit from Iraq.  Working as a stringer for CBS world news, he filed multiple reports on the US troop withdrawal from the country.  This footage was also used to produce a twenty five minute documentary, Closing Al Asad: The anatomy of a withdrawal, which aired on HDNET World Report.


Scott has extensive international experience, having lived in Africa and traveled multiple times to Europe, Asia and South and Central America.  He studied film and political science and Westminster College and is a Final Cut pro certified editor.  Familiar with multiple camera, audio and lighting systems, Scott is virtual Swiss Army knife for film production.